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The winner of the country's economy

The winner of the country's economy; Investing in free and special economic zones

For three years now, the pressure of sanctions on the country has been growing heavier every day, and in order to bring down Iran's economy, it is closing all avenues of exchange and communication. The countries that are friends and allies of the Uni


For three years now, the pressure of sanctions on the country has been growing heavier every day, and in order to bring down Iran's economy, it is closing all avenues of exchange and communication. The countries that are friends and allies of the United States are reducing their relations with Iran less and less every day for fear of jeopardizing their interests.
According to Farina, free and special economic zones are a trump card in Iran's hands. These are the places where they can circumvent US sanctions. The $ 1 billion foreign investment in the first six months of this year confirms this. Easy business conditions and the existence of numerous advantages for entrepreneurs and investors have increased the investment attractions of free and special zones to the point that in just one period of opening, 60 new production, construction and infrastructure projects with a capital of 535 billion Rials, 241 million dollars. And € 12.9 million in new public and private currency will be put into operation.  This is the second round of inauguration of free and special economic zone projects, which will be done by the President in the form of video conferencing. These 60 important and pivotal projects are supposed to create 3223 new jobs for the six free and special zones of Qeshm, Bandar Anzali, Pars Energy Zone, Kaveh Zone, Sehlan Zone and Salafchegan Zone. The attack on sanctions, along with the spread of the corona to the economy, has hit the heart of employment. Creating jobs in these conditions is much more difficult and costly than normal conditions, and this issue raises the employment rate in these areas. 
In the discussion of employment, it should be important to keep in mind that the creation of any kind of job can not be considered effective and high quality in the growth of the country's GDP. False jobs can also be included in the country's job creation list, but these jobs cannot create added value and growth in GDP due to lack of quality. According to official statistics and scientific research, two-thirds of the country's working population has no role in the production sector. Thus, the creation of more than three thousand jobs projected from new production and infrastructure projects in free and special economic zones are in the category of quality jobs that can help the economy spin and lead to economic growth.
Qeshm is hosting 27 new projects.
Qeshm Free Zone was established in 1990 with an area of ​​3000 hectares. This large island is a special privilege for Iran due to its special geographical location and population. For this reason, by being included in the free zones, it was considered as a place to attract foreign and domestic investment.
In the Qeshm Free Zone, 27 new projects will be inaugurated by the President via video conference tomorrow. The super-heavy crude refinery and 26 other production and infrastructure projects are scheduled to open on Thursday, which will create 2,238 direct jobs on the island. The construction of surface water collection canals, the third module of the coastal town water treatment plant, three commercial-residential complexes and eight fish and shrimp breeding units with a capacity of 47,320 tons per year will be inaugurated by the President.


Completion of Caspian port complex in Anzali
Anzali joined the free zones of the country in 2003 with an area of ​​9000 hectares. Exploitation of the Caspian Sea facilities is a special privilege of this free zone. Accordingly, 18 projects with an investment value of 817 billion tomans are to be inaugurated in this region on Thursday. These 18 projects will create a total of 468 direct jobs.
Among the most important projects in this area are a 5,000-square-meter covered warehouse, a 10,000-square-meter backyard, a 7,000-ton oil tank, a peacock residential complex with 256 units, two residential complexes of 13 and 16 units, and 6,000-ton tanks of crude edible oil. 
Production plans of this region are 600 thousand brushes, 50 thousand pieces of plastic paper, production and assembly of thermometers, production of 19 thousand shaped metals, production of 5 thousand 880 CCTV cameras, production of 455 tons of cosmetics, production of one ton of livestock and poultry feed, production of 160 thousand The sleeping product will be the production of 1,200 collage and bearing plates and 150,000 square meters of electronic fences and yarns.


493 billion tomans plus 12.9 million euros will be invested in 4 special zones
In the special economic economic zones of Pars, Kaveh, Sehlan and Salafchegan, 492 billion Tomans of private sector credit is invested. The private sector will also bring in € 12.9 million in foreign exchange in these areas. In the four mentioned regions, 14 production and development projects will be inaugurated by the President tomorrow, which will create a total of 517 direct jobs.
In Pars Energy Special Economic Zone, Kish Petro Rotary Project and two other industrial and service projects will be inaugurated. The projected employment for this region is 133 people and the total investment made is 29 billion Tomans in addition to five million Euros.
Production of compressors used in various industries of oil, gas and petrochemical industry, 11 reciprocating compressors with flow rate less than 60 cubic meters per hour, seven reciprocating compressors with flow rate between 60 to 120 cubic meters per hour, five reciprocating compressors with flow rate more than 120 cubic meters per hour , Construction of fuel station and 172 square meters of production unit of steel structures is one of the most important goals of Pars Energy Special Zone projects. 
Kaveh Special Economic Zone, with 380 billion Tomans of investment in the non-governmental sector, has predicted the creation of 200 new jobs. The inauguration of three logistics and industrial infrastructure development projects for this purpose will take place tomorrow. Water supply plan and construction of water transmission line of Kaveh Special Economic Zone with a capacity of 250 liters per second, construction of public warehouses with a capacity of 80,000 square meters of covered warehouse and 50,000 square meters of open warehouse, rehabilitation and commissioning of a special railway station (including 20,000 square meters) The dock platform, landscaping for the installation of heavy machinery for transporting cargo and export goods with an area of ​​40,000 square meters and two covered warehouses with an area of ​​12,000 square meters () are among the projects to be inaugurated. 
In Sehlan Special Economic Zone, 61 billion 900 million Tomans of investment plus 5.5 million Euros of foreign exchange has been made by the private sector. This amount of investment is supposed to create 132 direct jobs in this region. The opening of four industrial projects, an aircraft electronics manufacturing unit, a detergent and sanitation unit, a sanitary products production unit and a materials packaging unit are planned. 
The projects envisaged in Salafchegan are the production unit of steelmakers of Mahan Pouya industry and four industrial units that will bring 21 billion 600 million Tomans and 2.4 million Euros to the private sector by creating 52 direct jobs.

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