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Maku city and Bazargan border, in the northwest of Iran, is one of the historical cities of the country, which as a trade gateway between Iran and Europe, has long played a significant role in the commercial activities of Iran and the region. The proximity of this region to the countries of the Caucasus, along with its proximity to the industrial hub of Tabriz and the enjoyment of the developed infrastructure of the region, has also increased the strategic importance and capacities of this region.

Maku Free Trade-Industrial Zone, enjoying the advantage of those capacities, was established in 2010, with an area of ​​500,000 hectares. This Zone, which includes parts of Maku, Bazargan, Shoot and Poldasht, shares borders with the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, on the east, and with Turkey on the west. Also, the natural and climatic features of this region and its natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions have made Maku Zone have a significant place in the Iranian tourism industry.

The most important goals and activities of the Maku Free Trade-Industrial Zone include the expansion of trade and transit services, tourism and ecotourism industries, processing and agricultural industries, as well as the development of large agro-industrial units and the transfer of new technologies to the Zone.

a note from the CEO


Mako Free Zone as the youngest and widest free zone in the country with about 80% of the total area of ​​our free zones and with 130 km border with the Republic of Turkey and 140 km with the Republic of Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan) is also one of the richest free zones in the country. As the only land gateway for Iran to enter Europe, it has long been the center of trade and economic and trade interactions with various countries and passes through about 120 km of the international transit corridor from north to south and east to west.
This area with the completion, creation and development of transportation and logistics infrastructure, including highways, modern airports and planning to build railways and provide multifaceted transportation, construction of power plants, construction of various dams by the government in the region Geographical and advantageous natural resources have opened valuable investment and business opportunities for economic actors to take effective steps to achieve the macro goals of helping to strengthen the national economy and its connection with regional and international economies, and of course contribute to development and socio-cultural development. And the economy of the region takes its place of establishment. logistics and transportation, agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries, metallic and non-metallic mineral mines and their downstream industries, nature tourism and eco-tourism and various industries that benefit from the geographical economic position are the core businesses of this region. Cheap energy and abundant labor, along with legal incentives for free zones, including a 20-year tax exemption for various economic activities, exemption from VAT and services and products offered in the region, import of raw materials and production machinery exempt from customs duties, and exports. Without customs duties, the possibility of establishing various companies with full and joint domestic and foreign shareholding, an intelligent and cultured local community of 200,000 people in the region and other benefits of legal protection and efforts in the direction of  business simplification environment and free from the usual bureaucracies, have justified the economic activities and investments of this region.
Mohammadreza Abdolrahimi

Dedicated benefits







Exclusive advantages of Mako Free Trade-Industrial Zone

- Easy access to the consumer market of the Commonwealth of Independent States,

- Presence of Bazargan trade border as the largest land border of the country and the gateway of Europe with more than 90 years of background,

- Pristine and beautiful nature and extensive tourism capacities,

- Access to the country's combined transport infrastructure,

- Use of fertile agricultural lands,

- Appropriate infrastructure facilities and supporting laws,

- Capacity and infrastructure for transit of goods between Europe and Asia,

- Balanced climate and proper access to water resources.

The main axes of business

Trade and Commercial Services

Tourism Industry

Processing and Agricultural Industries

Large units of Argo-industry


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